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cpufreq-set(1)							cpufreq-set(1)

       cpufreq-set - A small tool which allows to modify cpufreq settings.

       cpufreq-set [options]

       cpufreq-set  allows  you	 to  modify cpufreq settings without having to
       type e.g. "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_set_speed"  all
       the time.

       -c --cpu <CPU>
	      number of CPU where cpufreq settings shall be modified.

       -d --min <FREQ>
	      new minimum CPU frequency the governor may select.

       -u --max <FREQ>
	      new maximum CPU frequency the governor may select.

       -g --governor <GOV>
	      new cpufreq governor.

       -f --freq <FREQ>
	      specific	frequency to be set. Requires userspace governor to be
	      available and loaded.

       -r --related
	      modify all hardware-related CPUs at the same time

       -h --help
	      Prints out the help screen.

       Omitting the -c or --cpu argument is equivalent to setting it to zero.

       The -f FREQ, --freq FREQ parameter cannot be combined  with  any	 other
       parameter except the -c CPU, --cpu CPU parameter.

       FREQuencies  can	 be  passed  in Hz, kHz (default), MHz, GHz, or THz by
       postfixing the value with the wanted unit name, without any space (fre‐
       quency in kHz =^ Hz * 0.001 =^ MHz * 1000 =^ GHz * 1000000).

       On  Linux  kernels  up  to  2.6.29,  the	 -r  or --related parameter is

       /proc/cpufreq (deprecated)
       /proc/sys/cpu/ (deprecated)

       Dominik Brodowski <linux@brodo.de> - author
       Mattia Dongili<malattia@gmail.com> - first autolibtoolization

       cpufreq-info(1), cpufreq-aperf(1)

Mattia Dongili			      0.1			cpufreq-set(1)

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