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crash(8v)							     crash(8v)

       crash - what happens when the system crashes

       This  section  explains	what happens when the system crashes and shows
       how to analyze crash dumps.

       When the system crashes voluntarily it prints a message on the  console
       in the form:

	      panic: explanation

       The  system  takes a dump on a mass storage peripheral device, and then
       invokes an automatic reboot procedure as described in Unless  there  is
       some  unexpected	 inconsistency in the state of the file systems due to
       hardware or software failure, the system then resumes multi-user opera‐
       tions.	If  auto-reboot is disabled on the front panel of the machine,
       the system halts at this point.

       The system has a large number of internal consistency checks; if one of
       these fails, it prints a short message indicating which one failed.

       The  most  common cause of system failures is hardware failure.	In all
       cases there is the possibility that hardware or software error produced
       the  message  in	 some unexpected way.  These messages are the ones you
       are likely to encounter:

       IO err in push
       hard IO err in swap
	      The system encountered an error when trying to write to the pag‐
	      ing  device  or  an error in reading critical information from a
	      disk drive.  Fix your disk if it is broken or unreliable.

       timeout table overflow
	      Due to the current data structure, running out of entries causes
	      a crash.	If this happens, make the timeout table bigger.

       KSP not valid
       SBI fault
       CHM? in kernel
	      These  indicate  either a problem in the system or failing hard‐
	      ware.  If SBI faults recur, check out the hardware or call field
	      service.	Run the processor microdiagnostics to determine if the
	      problem is caused by an unreliable processor.

       machine check %x:

	  machine dependent machine-check information
	      Call field service.

       trap type %d, code=%d, pc=%x
	      An unexpected trap has occurred  within  the  system;  the  trap
	      types are:

	      0	   reserved addressing fault
	      1	   privileged instruction fault
	      2	   reserved operand fault
	      3	   bpt instruction fault
	      4	   xfc instruction fault
	      5	   system call trap
	      6	   arithmetic trap
	      7	   ast delivery trap
	      8	   segmentation fault
	      9	   protection fault
	      10   trace trap
	      11   compatibility mode fault
	      12   page fault
	      13   page table fault

	      The  most common traps in system crashes are trap types 8 and 9,
	      indicating  a  wild  reference.	The  code  is  the  referenced
	      address,	and the pc at the time of the fault is printed.	 These
	      problems tend to be easy to track down if they are kernel	 prob‐
	      lems  because  the  processor stops, but there are random occur‐
	      rences with unpredictable causes.

       init died
	      The system initialization process has exited.  The only solution
	      is  the  automatic  reboot  procedure described in Until this is
	      done, no new users can log in.

       When the system crashes, it attempts to write an image of  memory  into
       the  back  end of the primary swap area.	 After the system is rebooted,
       the program runs and preserves a copy of this core image and  the  cur‐
       rent  system  in	 a  specified  directory  for  later  access.  See for

       To analyze a dump, you should begin by running with  the	 flag  on  the
       core dump.  Normally, the command provides a stack trace from the point
       of the crash and this should provide a clue as to what went wrong.

See Also
       adb(1), reboot(8), savecore(8)

				      VAX			     crash(8v)

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