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CIMAG(3)		 BSD Library Functions Manual		      CIMAG(3)

     cimag, cimagf, cimagl, conj, conjf, conjl, cproj, cprojf, cprojl, creal,
     crealf, creall — functions to manipulate complex numbers

     Math Library (libm, -lm)

     #include <complex.h>

     cimag(double complex z);

     cimagf(float complex z);

     long double
     cimagl(long double complex z);

     double complex
     conj(double complex z);

     float complex
     conjf(float complex z);

     long double complex
     conjl(long double complex z);

     double complex
     cproj(double complex z);

     float complex
     cprojf(float complex z);

     long double complex
     cprojl(long double complex z);

     creal(double complex z);

     crealf(float complex z);

     long double
     creall(long double complex z);

     Let a+b*i denote the complex number z.

     The creal() functions return the real part a, and the cimag() functions
     return the imaginary part b.

     The conj() functions return the complex conjugate a-b*i.

     The cproj() functions return the projection onto the Riemann sphere.  If
     z contains an infinite component, then the result is ∞ ± 0*i, where the
     (zero) imaginary part of the result has the same sign as b.  Otherwise,
     the result is z.

     These functions do not signal any floating point exceptions.

     The cimag(), conj(), cproj(), and creal() functions conform to ISO/IEC
     9899:1999 (“ISO C99”).

     The cimag(), conj() and creal() functions first appeared in FreeBSD 5.3.
     The cproj() functions appeared in FreeBSD 8.0.

BSD				August 7, 2008				   BSD

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