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create clearinghouse(1m)			      create clearinghouse(1m)

       create clearinghouse - Creates a clearinghouse on the local server sys‐
       tem or makes an existing clearinghouse available

       cdscp create clearinghouse clearinghouse-name

       The full name of the clearinghouse.

       The create clearinghouse command creates a clearinghouse on  the	 local
       server system or makes an existing clearinghouse available.  The server
       start-up command usually creates a new clearinghouse when you configure
       a new CDS server.  Occasionally, you may need to create a second clear‐
       inghouse on a particular server; for example, if	 you  are  temporarily
       relocating  a  clearinghouse  on	 a  different server.  See the OSF DCE
       Administration Guide for more information about relocating a  clearing‐

       Clearinghouses  should  be  named only in the root.  When you enter the
       command, CDS creates a read-only replica	 of  the  root	directory  and
       stores it in the new clearinghouse as the initial replica.  Because the
       process that creates the new clearinghouse initiates  a	skulk  of  the
       root  directory,	 all replicas of the root should be reachable when you
       enter the command.

   Privilege Required
       You need write permission to the server on which you intend  to	create
       the clearinghouse and administer permission to the cell root directory.
       The server principal needs read, write, and  administer	permission  to
       the cell root directory.

       This command is usually executed only by the network configuration pro‐
       cedure.	To ensure that all replicas of the root are reachable, perform
       an immediate skulk of /.: prior to issuing this command.

       This  command  is replaced at Revision 1.1 by the dcecp command and may
       not be provided in future releases of DCE.

       The following command creates a clearinghouse  named  /.:/Boston_CH  on
       the local server system: cdscp> create clearinghouse /.:/Boston_CH

       Commands:   clear  clearinghouse(1m),  delete  clearinghouse(1m),  list
       clearinghouse(1m), set cdscp preferred clearinghouse(1m),  show	cached
       clearinghouse(1m),  show cdscp preferred clearinghouse(1m), show clear‐

       Books: OSF DCE Administration Guide

						      create clearinghouse(1m)

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