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crl(4)									crl(4)

       crl - RL02 console interface

       This  is a simple interface to the RL02 disk unit, which is part of the
       console subsystem for the VAX 8600 (8650).   Access  is	given  to  the
       entire  RL02 consisting of 512 cylinders of two tracks of 20 sectors of
       256 bytes.  The RL02 sectors are	 accessed  as  logical	512-byte  disk

       All  I/O is raw; the seek addresses in raw transfers should be a multi‐
       ple of 512 and a multiple of 512 bytes should  be  transferred,	as  in
       other ``raw''  disk interfaces.

       Only  one  ``open''  is allowed to the console RL02 device at any given

       If a write is given with a count not  a	multiple  of  512  bytes,  the
       trailing portion of the last logical block will be zeroed.

       The  primary  purpose of this driver is to apply updates to the console
       system disk.  A ``block'' interface is not provided.

       crl: hard error sn%d crlcs=0x%b, crlds=0x%b
       The console subsystem has reported a hard error	while  performing  the
       requested  I/O.	  The  contains	 standard  RLV211  control  and status
       information and contains standard drive status information.  Bit expan‐
       sion in ASCII is also provided.

       crl: hndshk error
       An  error  in communications between the console subsystem software and
       the ULTRIX operating system has occurred.

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