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PACEMAKER(8)		System Administration Utilities		  PACEMAKER(8)

       Pacemaker - Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager

       crm_attribute command -n attribute [options]

       crm_attribute - Manage node's attributes and cluster options.

       Allows  node attributes and cluster options to be queried, modified and

       -?, --help
	      This text

       -$, --version
	      Version information

       -V, --verbose
	      Increase debug output

       -q, --quiet
	      Print only the value on stdout

       -n, --name=value
	      Name of the attribute/option to operate on

       -G, --query
	      Query the current value of the attribute/option

       -v, --update=value
	      Update the value of the attribute/option

       -D, --delete
	      Delete the attribute/option

   Additional Options:
       -N, --node=value
	      Set an attribute for  the	 named	node  (instead	of  a  cluster
	      option).	See also: -l

       -t, --type=value
	      Which  part  of  the  configuration  to  update/delete/query the
	      option in.  Valid values: crm_config, rsc_defaults, op_defaults,

       -l, --lifetime=value
	      Lifetime of the node attribute.  Valid values: reboot, forever

       -z, --utilization
	      Set an utilization attribute for the node.

       -s, --set-name=value
	      (Advanced) The attribute set in which to place the value

       -i, --id=value
	      (Advanced) The ID used to identify the attribute

       -d, --default=value
	      (Advanced)  The default value to display if none is found in the

       Add a new attribute called 'location' with the value  of	 'office'  for
       host 'myhost':

	      # crm_attribute --node myhost --name location --update office

       Query the value of the 'location' node attribute for host myhost:

	      # crm_attribute --node myhost --name location --query

       Change the value of the 'location' node attribute for host myhost:

	      #	 crm_attribute	--node myhost --name location --update backof‐

       Delete the 'location' node attribute for the host myhost:

	      # crm_attribute --node myhost --name location --delete

       Query the value of the cluster-delay cluster option:

	      # crm_attribute --type crm_config --name cluster-delay --query

       Query the value of the cluster-delay cluster  option.  Only  print  the

	      #	 crm_attribute	--type crm_config --name cluster-delay --query

       Written by Andrew Beekhof

       Report bugs to

Pacemaker 1.1.10-29.el7		   May 2014			  PACEMAKER(8)

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