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csa_x_process_updates(library call)	   csa_x_process_updates(library call)

       csa_x_process_updates  — invoke a calendar application's calendar event

       #include <csa/csa.h>
       void csa_x_process_updates(
       CSA_session_handle cal);

       The csa_x_process_updates function checks to see	 if  there  have  been
       calendar	 updates  that	are  of interest to the client.	 If there have
       been one or more calendar updates, and the client previously registered
       a  callback  handler using csa_register_callback(3) for updates of this
       type, the callback function is called by csa_x_process_updates.

       The cal argument specifies a calendar  session  handle.	 The  callback
       function will be invoked only if there have been updates to this calen‐
       dar.  If cal is set to NULL, the callback function will be  invoked  if
       there have been updates to any logged on calendars.

       The csa_x_process_updates function returns no value.

       The  csa_x_process_updates  function  is	 useful	 for applications that
       maintain a dynamic representation of calendar information,  such	 as  a
       GUI  calendar  display.	Because the calendar server can simultaneously
       maintain multiple read/write connections for  the  same	calendar,  any
       data  retrieved	by  a  client  should be considered immediately out of
       date.  To create the appearance of a dynamic display of calendar	 data,
       such  an application should call csa_x_process_updates as frequently as
       necessary from within its main event loop.

       One  way	 to  do	  this	 is   to   have	  a   timeout	handler	  call
       csa_x_process_updates  at regular intervals.  The duration of the timer
       should be appropriate for the expected user environment.	 This does not
       eliminate  the  risk  of	 the  client  holding outdated information; it
       merely gives the application control over how old the  information  can

       csa/csa.h - csacsa(5), csa_register_callback(3).

					   csa_x_process_updates(library call)

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