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cupsctl(8)			  Apple Inc.			    cupsctl(8)

       cupsctl - configure cupsd.conf options

       cupsctl	[ -E ] [-U username ] [ -h server[:port] ] [ --[no-]debug-log‐
       ging ] [ --[no-]remote-admin ] [ --[no-]remote-any ]  [	--[no-]remote-
       printers	 ]  [  --[no-]share-printers  ]	 [  --[no-]user-cancel-any ] [
       name=value ]

       cupsctl updates or queries the cupsd.conf file for a  server.  When  no
       changes	are requested, the current configuration values are written to
       the standard output in the format "name=value", one per line.

       The following options are recognized:

	    Enables encryption on the connection to the scheduler.

       -U username
	    Specifies an alternate username to use  when  authenticating  with
	    the scheduler.

       -h server[:port]
	    Specifies the server address.

	    Enables or disables debug logging in the error_log file.

	    Enables or disables remote administration.

	    Enables or disables printing from any address, e.g. the Internet.

	    Enables  or disables the display of remote printers shared via the
	    CUPS, LDAP, or SLP protocols.

	    Enables or disables sharing of local printers with	other  comput‐

	    Allows or prevents users from canceling jobs owned by others.

       Display the current settings:

       Enable debug logging:
	   cupsctl --debug-logging

       Get the current debug logging state:
	   cupsctl | grep '^_debug_logging' | awk -F= '{print $2}'

       Disable printer sharing:
	   cupsctl --no-shared-printers

       Enable printing using the file: pseudo-device:
	   cupsctl FileDevice=Yes

       cupsd.conf(5), cupsd(8),

       Copyright 2007 by Apple Inc.

5 July 2007		  Common UNIX Printing System		    cupsctl(8)

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