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curl-config(1)	       curl-config manual	   curl-config(1)

     curl-config - Get information about a libcurl installation

     curl-config [options]

     curl-config displays information about a previous	curl  and
     libcurl installation.

     --ca Displays the built-in path to the CA cert  bundle  this
	  libcurl uses.

     --cc Displays the compiler used to build libcurl.

	  Set of compiler options (CFLAGS) to use when	compiling
	  files	 that  use  libcurl.  Currently	 that is only thw
	  include path to the curl include files.

	  Lists what particular main features the installed  lib-
	  curl	was built with. At the time of writing, this list
	  may include SSL, KRB4 or IPv6. Do not assume	any  par-
	  ticular  order.  The keywords will be separated by new-
	  lines. There may be none, one or  several  keywords  in
	  the list.

	  Displays the available options.

	  Shows the complete set of libs and other linker options
	  you  will  need  in order to link your application with

	  This is the prefix used  when	 libcurl  was  installed.
	  Libcurl is then installed in $prefix/lib and its header
	  files are installed in $prefix/include and so	 on.  The
	  prefix is set with "configure --prefix".

	  Lists what particular protocols the  installed  libcurl
	  was built to support. At the time of writing, this list
	  may include HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, FILE,  TEL-
	  NET,	LDAP,  DICT.  Do not assume any particular order.
	  The protocols will be listed using  uppercase	 and  are
	  separated  by	 newlines.  There  may	be  none,  one or
	  several protocols in the list. (Added in 7.13.0)

Curl 7.13.0	    Last change: 25 Jan 2004			1

curl-config(1)	       curl-config manual	   curl-config(1)

	  Outputs version information about  the  installed  lib-

	  Outputs version information about  the  installed  lib-
	  curl,	 in  numerical	mode.	This  outputs the version
	  number, in hexadecimal, with	8  bits	 for  each  part;
	  major, minor, patch. So that libcurl 7.7.4 would appear
	  as  070704  and  libcurl  12.13.14  would   appear   as
	  0c0d0e...  Note that the initial zero might be omitted.
	  (This option was broken in the 7.15.0 release.)

     What linker options do I need when I link with libcurl?

       $ curl-config --libs

     What compiler options do I need when I compile using libcurl

       $ curl-config --cflags

     How do I know if libcurl was built with SSL support?

       $ curl-config --feature | grep SSL

     What's the installed libcurl version?

       $ curl-config --version

     How do I build a single file with a one-line command?

       $ `curl-config --cc --cflags --libs` -o example example.c


Curl 7.13.0	    Last change: 25 Jan 2004			2

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