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curl_formget(3)			libcurl Manual		       curl_formget(3)

       curl_formget  -	serialize  a  previously built multipart/formdata HTTP
       POST chain

       #include <curl/curl.h>

       void curl_formget(struct curl_httppost * form, void *userp,
			 curl_formget_callback append );

       curl_formget() is used to serialize data previously built/appended with
       curl_formadd(3).	 Accepts a void pointer as second argument named userp
       which will be passed as the first argument to the curl_formget_callback

       typedef	size_t (*curl_formget_callback)(void *userp, const char *buf,
       size_t len);

       The curl_formget_callback will be executed for each part	 of  the  HTTP
       POST  chain.  The  character  buffer passed to the callback must not be
       freed. The callback should return the buffer length  passed  to	it  on

       If  the CURLFORM_STREAM option is used in the formpost, it will prevent
       curl_formget(3) from working until you've  performed  the  actual  HTTP
       request as only then will libcurl get the actual read callback to use!

       0 means everything was ok, non-zero means an error occurred

	size_t print_httppost_callback(void *arg, const char *buf, size_t len)
	  fwrite(buf, len, 1, stdout);
	  (*(size_t *) arg) += len;
	  return len;

	size_t print_httppost(struct curl_httppost *post)
	  size_t total_size = 0;
	  if(curl_formget(post, &total_size, print_httppost_callback)) {
	    return (size_t) -1;
	  return total_size;

       This function was added in libcurl 7.15.5


libcurl 7.15.5			 20 June 2006		       curl_formget(3)

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