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curl_global_init_mem(3)		libcurl Manual	       curl_global_init_mem(3)

       curl_global_init_mem  - Global libcurl initialisation with memory call‐

       #include <curl/curl.h>
       CURLcode curl_global_init_mem(long  flags,
	curl_malloc_callback  m,
	curl_free_callback  f,
	curl_realloc_callback  r,
	curl_strdup_callback  s,
	curl_calloc_callback  c );

       This function works exactly as curl_global_init(3) with	one  addition:
       it  allows  the	application  to set callbacks to replace the otherwise
       used internal memory functions.

       This man page only  adds	 documentation	for  the  callbacks,  see  the
       curl_global_init(3)  man page for all the rest. When you use this func‐
       tion, all callback arguments must be set to valid function pointers.

       The prototypes for the given callbacks should match these:

       void *malloc_callback(size_t size);
	      To replace malloc()

       void free_callback(void *ptr);
	      To replace free()

       void *realloc_callback(void *ptr, size_t size);
	      To replace realloc()

       char *strdup_callback(const char *str);
	      To replace strdup()

       void *calloc_callback(size_t nmemb, size_t size);
	      To replace calloc()

       Manipulating these gives considerable powers to the application to  se‐
       verely screw things up for libcurl. Take care!

       curl_global_init(3), curl_global_cleanup(3),

libcurl 7.12.0			  10 May 2004	       curl_global_init_mem(3)

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