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curl_multi_add_handle(3)	libcurl Manual	      curl_multi_add_handle(3)

       curl_multi_add_handle - add an easy handle to a multi session

       #include <curl/curl.h>

       CURLMcode  curl_multi_add_handle(CURLM  *multi_handle,  CURL *easy_han‐

       Adds a standard easy handle to the multi stack. This function call will
       make this multi_handle control the specified easy_handle.  Furthermore,
       libcurl now initiates the  connection  associated  with	the  specified

       When  an	 easy  handle has been added to a multi stack, you can not and
       you must not use curl_easy_perform(3) on that handle!

       If the easy handle is not set to use a shared (CURLOPT_SHARE) or global
       DNS  cache  (CURLOPT_DNS_USE_GLOBAL_CACHE),  it will be made to use the
       DNS cache that is shared between all easy handles within the multi han‐
       dle when curl_multi_add_handle(3) is called.

       The  easy  handle  will	remain	added  until  you remove it again with
       curl_multi_remove_handle(3). You should remove the easy handle from the
       multi  stack  before  you  terminate first the easy handle and then the
       multi handle:

       1 - curl_multi_remove_handle(3)

       2 - curl_easy_cleanup(3)

       3 - curl_multi_cleanup(3)

       CURLMcode type, general libcurl multi interface error code.


libcurl 7.9.5			 4 March 2002	      curl_multi_add_handle(3)

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