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curs_scanw(3X)							curs_scanw(3X)

       scanw, wscanw, mvscanw, mvwscanw, vwscanw, vw_scanw - convert formatted
       input from a curses window

       #include <curses.h>

       int scanw(char *fmt [, arg] ...);
       int wscanw(WINDOW *win, char *fmt [, arg] ...);
       int mvscanw(int y, int x, char *fmt [, arg] ...);
       int mvwscanw(WINDOW *win, int y, int x,
	     char *fmt [, arg] ...);
       int vw_scanw(WINDOW *win, char *fmt, va_list varglist);
       int vwscanw(WINDOW *win, char *fmt, va_list varglist);

       The scanw, wscanw and mvscanw routines  are  analogous  to  scanf  [see
       scanf(3S)].   The  effect  of  these routines is as though wgetstr were
       called on the  window,  and  the	 resulting  line  used	as  input  for
       sscanf(3).   Fields which do not map to a variable in the fmt field are

       The vwscanw routine is similar to vwprintw in that it performs a wscanw
       using  a	 variable  argument  list.  The third argument is a va_list, a
       pointer to a list of arguments, as defined in <varargs.h>.

       vwscanw returns ERR on failure and an integer equal to  the  number  of
       fields scanned on success.

       Applications  may  use the return value from the scanw, wscanw, mvscanw
       and mvwscanw routines to determine the  number  of  fields  which  were
       mapped in the call.

       The  XSI Curses standard, Issue 4 describes these functions.  The func‐
       tion vwscanw is marked TO BE WITHDRAWN, and is  to  be  replaced	 by  a
       function vw_scanw using the <stdarg.h> interface.

       curses(3X), curs_getstr(3X), curs_printw(3X), scanf(3S)


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