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cuserid(3S)							   cuserid(3S)

       cuserid() - get character login name of the user

       Because	this  function behaved differently in previous releases of HP-
       UX, and behaves differently on other systems, its  use  is  not	recom‐
       mended.	 It is provided only for conformance to current industry stan‐
       dards, and is subject to withdrawal in future releases of HP-UX.

       For portability	and  security,	application  writers  and  maintainers
       should search their existing code and replace references to with equiv‐
       alent calls to or depending on which user name is desired.

       generates a character-string representation of  the  user  name	corre‐
       sponding	 to  the  effective  user  ID  of the process.	If s is a NULL
       pointer, this representation is generated in an internal	 static	 area,
       the  address of which is returned.  Otherwise, s is assumed to point to
       an array of at least characters; the representation  is	left  in  this
       array.  The constant is defined in the header file.

       For multi-thread applications, if s is a NULL pointer, the operation is
       not performed and a NULL pointer is returned.

       If the login name cannot be found, returns a NULL pointer; if s is  not
       a NULL pointer, a null character is placed at s[0].

   Obsolescent Interfaces
       is to be obsoleted at a future date.

       geteuid(2),   getuid(2),	  getlogin(3C),	  getpwent(3C),	 getpwuid(3C),

				TO BE OBSOLETED			   cuserid(3S)

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