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d2i_X509(3)			    OpenSSL			   d2i_X509(3)

       d2i_X509, i2d_X509, d2i_X509_bio, d2i_X509_fp, i2d_X509_bio,
       i2d_X509_fp - X509 encode and decode functions

	#include <openssl/x509.h>

	X509 *d2i_X509(X509 **px, const unsigned char **in, int len);
	int i2d_X509(X509 *x, unsigned char **out);

	X509 *d2i_X509_bio(BIO *bp, X509 **x);
	X509 *d2i_X509_fp(FILE *fp, X509 **x);

	int i2d_X509_bio(BIO *bp, X509 *x);
	int i2d_X509_fp(FILE *fp, X509 *x);

       The X509 encode and decode routines encode and parse an X509 structure,
       which represents an X509 certificate.

       d2i_X509() attempts to decode len bytes at *in. If successful a pointer
       to the X509 structure is returned. If an error occurred then NULL is
       returned. If px is not NULL then the returned structure is written to
       *px. If *px is not NULL then it is assumed that *px contains a valid
       X509 structure and an attempt is made to reuse it. If the call is
       successful *in is incremented to the byte following the parsed data.

       i2d_X509() encodes the structure pointed to by x into DER format.  If
       out is not NULL is writes the DER encoded data to the buffer at *out,
       and increments it to point after the data just written.	If the return
       value is negative an error occurred, otherwise it returns the length of
       the encoded data.

       For Open