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DAEMON(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		     DAEMON(8)

     daemon — run detached from the controlling terminal

     daemon [-cf] [-p pidfile] [-u user] command arguments ...

     The daemon utility detaches itself from the controlling terminal and exe‐
     cutes the program specified by its arguments.  Privileges may be lowered
     to the specified user.

     The options are as follows:

     -c	     Change the current working directory to the root (“/”).

     -f	     Redirect standard input, standard output and standard error to

     -p file
	     Write the ID of the created process into the file using the
	     pidfile(3) functionality.	Note, that the file will be created
	     shortly before the process is actually executed, and will remain
	     after the process exits (although it will be removed if the exe‐
	     cution fails).

     -u user
	     Run the program with the rights of user specified, requires priv‐

     The daemon utility exits 1 if an error is returned by the daemon(3)
     library routine, 2 if the pidfile is requested, but cannot be opened, 3
     if process is already running (pidfile exists and is locked), otherwise

     If the command cannot be executed, an error message is displayed on stan‐
     dard error unless the -f flag is specified.

     setregid(2), setreuid(2), daemon(3), exec(3), pidfile(3), termios(4),

     The daemon utility first appeared in FreeBSD 4.7.

BSD				March 19, 2007				   BSD

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