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dbc_max_pct(5)			   OBSOLETED			dbc_max_pct(5)

       dbc_max_pct,  dbc_min_pct, bufcache_max_pct, bufpages, nbuf - OBSOLETED
       kernel tunable parameter

       These tunables have been	 obsoleted  and	 removed.   Do	not  make  any
       changes to these tunables, as they have no effect on the kernel.

       Use the file cache tunables and (see filecache_max(5)).

       In  previous  releases, the tunables and were used to set limits to the
       dynamic buffer cache, and the tunables and were	used  for  tuning  the
       buffer cache when a static cache was desired.

       This  release  of  HP-UX	 offers	 improved  file caching technology and
       improved physical memory control associated to caching file  I/O	 data.
       The  number  of	tunable parameters used to control file caching memory
       usage is reduced from five to two, and previous	usability  issues  are

   Restrictions on Changing
       These  tunables	should not be modified.	 Attempting to tune any of the
       obsolete buffer cache tunables, or results in an error.

       Use the tunables and to set limits on the file cache.  Note that, on  a
       any  given system, the optimum values of these two new tunables are not
       necessarily equivalent to the optimum values  of	 the  obsolete	buffer
       cache  tunable values in the older systems.  You should first determine
       if the new default values yield acceptable performance on your  system,
       before attempting to change the values of the new file cache tunables.

       and were developed by HP.


			   Kernel Tunable Parameter		dbc_max_pct(5)

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