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dcheck(8)							     dcheck(8)

       dcheck - check directory consistency

       /etc/dcheck [ -i numbers ] [ filesystem ]

       The command is obsoleted for normal consistency checking by

       The  command  reads  the	 directories in a file system and compares the
       link-count in each i-node with the number of directory entries by which
       it  is  referenced.   If	 the  file  system  is not specified, a set of
       default file systems is checked.

       The -i flag is followed by a list of i-numbers; when one	 of  those  i-
       numbers turns up in a directory, the number, the i-number of the direc‐
       tory, and the name of the entry are reported.

       The program is fastest if the raw version of the special file is	 used,
       since the i-list is read in large chunks.

       When  a file turns up for which the link-count and the number of direc‐
       tory entries disagree, the  relevant  facts  are	 reported.   Allocated
       files which have 0 link-count and no entries are also listed.  The only
       dangerous situation occurs when there are more entries than links.   If
       entries	are  removed,  so  the	link-count  drops  to 0, the remaining
       entries point to nothing.  They should be removed.  When there are more
       links  than  entries,  or there is an allocated file with neither links
       nor entries, some disk space may be lost but  the  situation  will  not

       Since  is  inherently two-pass in nature, extraneous diagnostics may be
       produced if applied to active file systems.

       Default file systems vary with installation.

See Also
       fs(5), clri(8), fsck(8), icheck(8), ncheck(8)


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