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df(1)									 df(1)

       df - display free and used disk space

       df [-i] [-l] [-n] [filesystem...] [file...]

       The  command  displays the amount of disk space available on the speci‐
       fied file system, for example, It also displays the amount of available
       disk space on the file system in which the specified file is contained,
       for example, If a device is given that has no file systems  mounted  on
       it,  displays  the  information	for the root file system.  Without any
       arguments or options, displays shows all mounted filesystems, including
       those  manually	mounted	 without  use  of  the	file.  The numbers are
       reported in kilobytes.

       Unless the -n option is specified, updates  the	statistics  stored  in
       memory  for  the	 file system specified, before it returns the informa‐

       -i   Also report the number of used and free inodes.

       -l   Reports on locally mounted disks only.

       -n   Do not  update  the	 file  system  statistics  stored  in  memory.
	    Instead,  return  whatever	statistics are stored in memory.  This
	    prevents from hanging in the event that a  server  containing  the
	    specified file system is down.

       You cannot use the command to find free space on an unmounted file sys‐
       tem using the block or character special device name.  Instead, use the

       % df
       Filesystem     Total    kbytes  kbytes	%
       node	      kbytes   used    free	used	Mounted on
       /dev/ra1a       7429    2085    4602	31%    /tmp
       /dev/ra0e      30519   14817   12651	54%    /usr/spool
       /dev/ra0h     313233  122858  159052	44%    /usr/staff1

       The  total  disk	 space	is the total space that was created during the
       making of the file system.  The addition of the used  space,  the  free
       space  and  a  percentage  of  reserved	space is the total space.  The
       default value for the reserved space is 10%.

       List of mounted file systems

See Also
       getmnt(2), fstab(5), dumpfs(8), icheck(8), mkfs(8), newfs(8), quot(8)


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