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diffmk(1)							     diffmk(1)

       diffmk - mark differences between files

       diffmk name1 name2 name3

       The  command  compares  two versions of a file and creates a third file
       that includes ``change mark'' commands for or The name1 and  name2  are
       the  old	 and  new  versions of the file.  The command generates name3,
       which contains the lines of  name2  plus	 inserted  formatter  ``change
       mark''  (.mc)  requests.	  When name3 is formatted, changed or inserted
       text is shown by ⎪ at the right margin of each line.  The  position  of
       deleted text is shown by a single ∗.

       The  command  can  be used to produce listings of C (or other) programs
       with changes marked.  A typical command line for such use is  the  fol‐
       diffmk old.c new.c tmp; nroff macs tmp ⎪ pr
       In this example the file macs contains:

	      .pl 1
	      .ll 77
	      .nc `

       The .ll request might specify a different line length, depending on the
       nature of the program being printed.  The  .eo  and  .nc	 requests  are
       probably needed only for C programs.

       If the characters ⎪ and ∗ are inappropriate, a copy of can be edited to
       change them.  The command is a shell procedure.

       Aesthetic considerations may dictate manual adjustment of some  output.
       File  differences  involving only formatting requests may produce unde‐
       sirable output, that is, replacing .sp by .sp 2 will produce a ``change
       mark'' on the preceding or following line of output.

See Also
       cmp(1),	comm(1),  diff(1),  nroff(1),  join(1), sccsdiff(1), troff(1),


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