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dir(4)									dir(4)

       dir - format of directories on short-name HFS file systems

       This  entry  describes the System V-compatible directory format for the
       HFS file system.	 It is provided strictly  for  backward	 compatibility
       and  compatibility  with	 applications expecting a System V file system
       environment.  It is not compatible with the similar  but	 more  general
       HFS directory format in which describes a format identical to that used
       in an HFS file system supporting long file names up  to	255  bytes  in

       The  structure defined in should be used in conjunction with the direc‐
       tory(3C) routines for portability to other  industry  UNIX  implementa‐

       A  directory behaves exactly like an ordinary file, except that no user
       can write into a directory.  The structure  of  a  directory  entry  as
       given in the header file is:

       By  convention,	the  first  two	 entries in each directory are for and
       (``dot'' and ``dot dot'').  The first is an  entry  for	the  directory
       itself.	 The  second  is  for the parent directory.  The meaning of is
       modified for the root directory of the master file system; there is  no
       parent, so and have the same meaning.

       was developed by AT&T and HP.



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