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disksecn(1M)							  disksecn(1M)

       disksecn - calculate default disk section sizes

       block_size] [-n disk_name]

       is  used to calculate the disk section sizes based on the Berkeley disk
       partitioning method.

       recognizes the following options:

	      Produce tables suitable for inclusion in the device driver.

	      Produce tables suitable for generating the disk description file

	      When generating the above tables,
			     use a sector  size	 of  block_size	 bytes,	 where
			     block_size	  can  be  or  Defaults	 to  DEV_BSIZE
			     (defined in if not specified.

	      Specifies the disk name to be used in calculating sector sizes;
			     for example, or If an unknown disk name is speci‐
			     fied,  prompts  the  user	for the necessary disk

       If neither nor table selection switches are specified a	default	 table
       of the section sizes and range of cylinders used is output.

       Disk  section  sizes are based on the total amount of space on the disk
       as given in the table below  (all  values  are  supplied	 in  units  of
       256-byte	 sectors).   If	 the  disk  is	smaller	 than approximately 44
       Mbytes, aborts and returns the message

	      Section	44-56MB	  57-106MB   107-332MB	 333+MB
		 0	  97120	     97120	 97120	  97120
		 1	  39064	     39064	143808	 194240
		 3	  39064	     39064	 78128	 117192
		 4	 unused	     48560	110096	 429704
		 6	   7992	      7992	  7992	   7992
		10	 unused	    unused	unused	 516096

       It is important to note the difference between the  block  size	passed
       into  via  the switch argument and the sector size the user is asked to
       input when an unknown disk name is passed to via the switch argument.

       The block size is the sector size that assumes the disk to have when it
       prints  the requested tables.  All information printed in the tables is
       adjusted to reflect this assumed sector size (block size) passed in  by
       the  user.   The	 sector size requested by when an unknown disk name is
       passed does not necessarily have to be the same as the  assumed	sector
       size (block size) passed in by the switch argument.

       For  example, a user wants to see the device driver tables for the disk
       named with an assumed sector size (block size) of 256 bytes.  The  user
       has the following information about the disk:

	      Disk type = winchester
	      Sector size = 512
	      Number of sectors per track (512 byte sectors) = 16
	      Number of tracks = 7
	      Number of cylinders = 968
	      Revolutions per minute = 3600

       The user invokes by typing the following command:

       Assuming	 that is an unknown disk name, prompts the user for the neces‐
       sary disk information.  The user should input the information as	 shown
       above, reflecting a sector size of 512 bytes.  All the information will
       be adjusted within to reflect the assumed sector size (block  size)  of
       256  bytes,  passed as the argument of the switch, before the requested
       device driver table is output.

       This adjustment also takes place when the disk name  is	known  and  an
       assumed	sector	size  (block size) is passed in as the argument of the
       switch which is not DEV_BSIZE bytes, the	 assumed  sector  size	(block
       size) used to create the file.

       returns the following values:

	      Successful completion.
	      Usage error.
	      User did not input parameters for an unknown disk.
	      Disk too small or an invalid block size.

       aborts and prints an error message under the following conditions:

	 ·  was invoked without specifying a disk name.
	 ·  Requested both and switch.
	 ·  Illegal block size requested.
	 ·  Unknown  disk  name	 was  specified	 and  user did not supply disk
	 ·  Disk's maximum storage space is less than approximately 44 MB.

       Alternate names are not included in the output when the switch is used.

       Blanks are required in the command line between each  of	 the  switches
       when invoking

       A  blank	 is  required between the switch and the disk name argument to
       that switch.  For example:

       does not save the block size used  to  generate	the  disk  description
       file.   The  system assumes that the block size used was DEV_BSIZE when
       it reads the information stored in the file.

       was developed by the University of California, Berkeley.


Servers Only							  disksecn(1M)

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