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diskusg(1M)							   diskusg(1M)

       diskusg - generate disk accounting data by user ID

       [options] [files]

       generates  intermediate disk accounting information from data in files,
       or the standard input if omitted.  outputs lines on the	standard  out‐
       put, one per user, in the following format:

	      uid login #blocks


	      uid	User's numerical user ID,

	      login	User's login name, and

	      #blocks	Total number of disk blocks allocated to this user.

       normally reads only the inodes of file systems for disk accounting.  In
       this case, files are the special filenames of these devices.

       recognizes the following options:

	      Input data is already in
			     output format.  combines all lines for  a	single
			     user into a single line.

	      verbose.	     Print  a list on standard error of all files that
			     are charged to no one.

	      Ignore the data on those file systems whose file system name  is
			     fnmlist.  fnmlist is a list of file system names,
			     separated by commas or  enclosed  within  quotes.
			     compares  each  name  in  this list with the file
			     system name stored in the volume ID if it exists.

	      Use	     file as the name of the password file to generate
			     login names.  is used by default.

	      Write records to
			     file  of  files  that  are	 charged  to  no  one.
			     Records consist of the  special  file  name,  the
			     inode number, and the user ID.

       The  output  of is normally the input to (see acct(1M)) which generates
       total accounting records that  can  be  merged  with  other  accounting
       records.	 is normally run in (see acctsh(1M)).

       The following generates daily disk accounting information:

       used for user-	   ID-to-login-name conversions

       acct(1M), acctsh(1M), volcopy(1M), acct(4), vxdiskusg(1M).


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