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display_accelerator()					 display_accelerator()

  display_accelerator - Core method to display current accelerators.

  typedef void (*XtStringProc)(Widget, String);
	 Widget w;
	 String string;

  w	    Specifies the source widget that supplied the accelerators.

  string    Provides  the  string representation of the accelerators that
	    were installed.

  The  Core  display_accelerator()  method  is	registered  on	the  dis‐
  play_accelerator  field of the Core class part structure, and is called
  when the application installs a widget's accelerators with XtInstallAc‐
  celerators() or XtInstallAllAccelerators().

  The  argument	 w  is	the widget instance that has had its accelerators
  installed, and string is a string representation of the widget's accel‐
  erator table.	 Some widget classes will want to display themselves dif‐
  ferently when accelerators are installed so that the user is aware that
  they	are available.	(Menu buttons that display their keyboard equiva‐
  lents are a good example.)

  The method is passed a string version of the current accelerator table,
  in  canonical	 form.	 This form may differ from the original source of
  the accelerator table itself.

  The display_accelerator() method is not chained.  A  widget  class  can
  inherit  its	superclass's  display_accelerator()  method by specifying
  XtInheritDisplayAccelerator in its Core display_accelerator  field.	A
  widget  that	does  not  wish	 to display any accelerators may set this
  field to NULL.

  The translation table syntax is not particularly easy	 for  a	 user  to
  read	or particularly easy for a widget to convert into a simpler form,
  so a widget class may prefer to define a resource which is  the  string
  that	should	be displayed when the accelerator is installed.	 That way
  the application programmer can specify both  the  accelerator	 and  the
  representation of the accelerator that the user will see.

  None of the Intrinsics or Xaw widget classes define a display_accelera‐
  tor() method.

See Also

Xt - Intrinsics Methods					 display_accelerator()

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