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dlerrno(3C)							   dlerrno(3C)

       dlerrno() - get error code for dynamic linking calls

       [flag... ] file...  [library]...

       is  one of a family of routines that give the user direct access to the
       dynamic linking facilities (using the option on the compiler or command
       line).  returns a numeric error code that corresponds to the last error
       that occurred during dynamic linking processing.	 If no dynamic linking
       errors  have occurred since the last invocation of returns Thus, invok‐
       ing a second time, immediately following a prior invocation, results in
       being returned.

       The  following  is  a  complete	list of the mnemonic error codes.  The
       numeric values can be found in

	      Unknown error.

	      No Error.

	      Cannot open load module.

	      I/O error mapping load module

	      Load module is not valid.

	      Unknown ELF version in library.

	      Unable to find library.

	      Cannot allocate dynamic memory.

	      Unknown relocation type.

	      Internal error encountered.

	      Invalid flag to			 call.

	      Failed to apply relocation.

	      Invalid				 argument.

	      Unknown symbol.

	      Invalid load module index.

	      Invalid load module handle.

	      Cannot close load module due to remaining dependencies.

	      relocation on non-thread-specific symbol.

	      Non-thread-specific relocation reference to thread specific sym‐


	      Cannot				 load  module with thread-spe‐
						 cific data.

	      Invalid load module handle for unload.

	      Cannot unload load module due to remaining dependencies.

	      Unsatisfied code symbol in load module.

	      Unsatisfied data symbol in load module.

	      Invalid symbol name for

	      Invalid symbol type.

	      Invalid flags for

	      Invalid symbol type for

	      Unknown handle.

	      Invalid descriptor argument.

	      Invalid address for

	      Invalid descriptor version.

	      Cannot write			 data.

	      Cannot open program file to read	 data.

	      Cannot read			 data.

	      Fastbind data is out of date.

	      Invalid				 option.

	      No				 data.

	      call failed on entry.

	      call failed on exit.

	      failed in reading target memory.

	      ABI mismatch because a 64-bit  program  found  a	32-bit	shared

	      ABI  mismatch  because  a	 32-bit	 program found a 64-bit shared

	      Invalid				 flags.

	      The library is invalid due to a bad magic number.

	      The library is invalid due to a bad alignment.

	      The library is invalid due to a missing symbol table.

	      The library is invalid due to a missing program header.

	      The library is invalid due to a bad machine type.

	      The library is invalid due to a bad object file type.

	      Unable to get shared fixed address from

	      Cannot use fixed address due to multiple data segments.

	      Invalid NULL library name.

	      Bad flags or type for

	      Invalid argument for

	      Cannot open filtered library: TLS size exceeds size recorded  in

	      Caliper instrumentation failed: cannot open file.

	      Caliper  instrumentation	failed: cannot read loadable note sec‐

	      Caliper instrumentation failed: cannot open pipes for communica‐

	      Caliper instrumentation failed:	 failed.

	      Caliper instrumentation failed:	 failed.

	      Caliper instrumentation failed: caliper returned failure.

	      Caliper  instrumentation	failed:	 unknown  message retrieved on

	      Caliper instrumentation failed: cannot stat file.

	      Library contains a static TLS reference to a symbol defined in a
						 dynamically loaded library.

	      Call to				 failed.

	      Address not found in any load module.

	      failed for the library.

	      Invalid argument for

	      Library has multiple text segments.

	      Library has multiple data segments.

	      Invalid argument for

	      I/O error accessing library using

	      Invalid load address for

	      Cannot use pre-allocate address for mapping library  because  of
	      fixed address.

	      Shared library missing execution permission.

	      Encounter error while loading library.

	      Cannot  load  library because required extensions not present in
	      the hardware.

       This routine is thread-safe.

       dlclose(3C), dlerror(3C), dlopen(3C), dlsym(3C).

   Texts and Tutorials:
       (See the		 option)
       (See		 manuals(5) for ordering information)

			     ELF Applications Only		   dlerrno(3C)

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