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dlget(3C)							     dlget(3C)

       dlget() - retrieve information about a loaded module (program or shared

       [flag]...  file...  [library]...

   Multithread Usage
       This routine is thread-safe.

       is one of a family of routines that give the user direct access to  the
       dynamic	linking facilities.  returns information about a loaded module
       for a process.  retrieves information about a load module from an index
       specifying  the	placement  of  the load module in the dynamic loader's
       search list.  An	 index	of  requests  information  about  the  dynamic
       loader.	 An  index  of	requests  information  about  the program file

       If successful, returns a handle for the shared library  as  defined  by
       the return value from

       desc  must  be  preallocated  by	 the  user.  The structure members are
       filled in by the dynamic loader with information	 about	the  requested
       shared library.

       A load_module_desc structure has the following members:

	      struct load_module_desc {
		 unsigned long text_base;
		 unsigned long text_size;
		 unsigned long data_base;
		 unsigned long data_size;
		 unsigned long unwind_base;
		 unsigned long linkage_ptr;
		 unsigned long phdr_base;
		 unsigned long tls_size;
		 unsigned long tls_start_addr;

       desc_size specifies the size in bytes of the load_module_desc structure
       sent in by the user.

       If a call to is unsuccessful, a	NULL  pointer  is  returned  and  desc
       remains unchanged.

       If fails, a subsequent call to returns one of the following values:
	      Cannot apply relocation in library.

	      Invalid descriptor argument.

	      Invalid descriptor version.

	      Invalid load module index.

	      Out of memory.

	      failed on entry to or exit from

	      failed on exit from

	      failed on entry to

       was developed by HP.

   System Tools
       exec(2)		 System loader.
       ld(1)		 Invokes the link editor.

       a.out(4)		 Assembler, compiler, and linker output.
       dlclose(3C)	 Unloads a shared library previously loaded by
       dlerror(3C)	 Prints the last error message recorded by
       dlerrno(3C)	 Returns an error code for the last error recorded by
       dlgetname(3C)	 Returns  the  name  of	 the storage containing a load
       dlmodinfo(3C)	 Returns information about a loaded module.
       dlopen(3C)	 Loads a shared library.
       dlsym(3C)	 Gets the address of a symbol in a shared library.

   Texts and Tutorials
       (See the		 option)
       (See		 manuals(5) for ordering information)

			     ELF Applications Only		     dlget(3C)

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