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dm_iscsi_adapter(1m)					  dm_iscsi_adapter(1m)

       - monitors the iSCSI Sub-System

       is the event monitor for HP iSCSI Sub-System. It monitors all instances
       of the drivers for the occurrence of abnormal events.

       event monitoring requests are created  using  the  Hardware  Monitoring
       Request	Manager	 (monconfig).  Monitoring  requests for status changes
       caused by events are created using the Event Monitoring	Service	 (EMS)
       and the Peripheral Status Monitor (PSM). Both event and status monitor‐
       ing requests are handled by EMS.

   Supported Devices
       NOTE! The following information reflects the products  that  were  sup‐
       ported by at the time of release.

       monitors the following products:

	      HP iSCSI Mass Storage

       does not support any options.

   Resource Class Paths
       Event Monitor  /adapters/events/iscsi_adapter

       Status Monitor /adapters/status/iscsi_adapter

   Severity Levels
       All hardware events are assigned a severity level by the monitor. These
       severity levels reflect the potential impact of	the  event  on	system
       operation.  Monitoring  requests are created based on the severity lev‐

	      An event that will or has already caused data loss, system  down
	      time,  or other loss of service. Immediate action is required to
	      correct the problem. System operation will be impacted and  nor‐
	      mal use of the hardware should not continue until the problem is

	      An event that may cause data loss, system down  time,  or	 other
	      loss  of	service	 if  left  uncorrected.	 The problem should be
	      repaired as soon as possible. System operation and normal use of
	      the hardware may be impacted.

	      An  event that could escalate to a more serious condition if not
	      corrected. The problem should be repaired at a convenient	 time.
	      System  operation	 should	 not be impacted and normal use of the
	      hardware can continue.

	      An event that will not likely escalate to a more serious	condi‐
	      tion if let uncorrected. The problem can be repaired at a conve‐
	      nient time. System operation will not be interrupted and	normal
	      use of the hardware can continue.

	      An  event	 that  occurs  as  part of the normal operation of the
	      hardware. No action is required.

   Application Usage
       This monitor will be deprecated on new server models. Please use System
       Management Homepage (see hpsmh(1M)).

       Event Monitoring Services (EMS) must be installed and running.

       was developed by HP.


       The resource dictionary for
			   Describes  the location of various resources in the
			   resource hierarchy.

       Monitor-specific configuration file containing default operational set‐

       Multiple-view client configuration file containing default event-gener‐
       ation settings.

       Startup configuration file containing entries for all
			   monitoring requests.

       Log file for all monitors using the Event Monitoring Service, including
			   Any errors are logged here.

       monconfig(1m), EMS(5), psmmon(1m)


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