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dmfsp(4)							      dmfsp(4)

       dmfsp  -	 DMF32	serial	printer	 device dmf0 at uba? csr 0160340 flags
	    vector dmfsrint dmfsxint dmfdaint dmfdbint dmfrint dmfxint dmflint

       The supports a connection to a line printer through  the	 line  printer
       port of the DMF32.

       Bits 8-15 of the longword are used to specify the number of columns per
       line on the line printer.  If 0 is specified,  132  columns  are	 used.
       Bits  16-23  are used to specify the number of lines per page.  If 0 is
       specified, 66 lines are used.

       dmf%d: Line Printer Disconnected
       This message occurs if an open is performed on the  printer  port  when
       the DMF32 detects that there is no printer cable connected.

       dmf%d: Printer DMA Error
       A DMA output transfer to the printer failed.  This could be caused by a
       memory error or an invalid pte (page table entry).

See Also
       dmf(4), MAKEDEV(8)

				      VAX			      dmfsp(4)

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