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dmv(4)									dmv(4)

       dmv - DMV11 communications interface

       device dmv0 at uba0 csr 0167600 flags 0x???? vector dmvrint dmvxint

       The  interface  provides	 access	 to point-to-point communications that
       runs at speeds from 2.4 Kb/s to 56 Kb/s.	 DMV11s communicate using  the
       DDCMP link layer protocol.

       Several	protocols can be multiplexed over a link simultaneously.  Con‐
       versely, a can be set up so that only one protocol family can use  that
       device.	 If  the  latter approach is taken, an SIOCSTATE ioctl must be
       issued by the protocol family requesting device	ownership.   The  fam‐
       ily's  address  must  appear in the ``if_family'' structure member, and
       ``if_nomuxhdr'' must be set.  Before requesting ownership, be  sure  to
       disable access to the device for all other protocol families.

       The  first  byte	 of  the  word can be set up to indicate what mode the
       device should use.  If bit 0 is clear, the device operates in point-to-
       point DDCMP mode; otherwise, it operates in maintenance mode.  If bit 1
       is clear, the device operates in full duplex mode; otherwise, it	 oper‐
       ates in half duplex.  If bit 2 is clear, the device operates in compat‐
       ibility mode; otherwise, it operates using version  4.0	of  the	 DDCMP
       protocol.   The number of outstanding transmit buffers can be increased
       from a default of 7 to a maximum of 24 buffers by specifying a hexadec‐
       imal  value  in the second byte of the word.  For example, if is set to
       0x1800, 24 transmit buffers will be allocated on a device set up to run
       full duplex in compatibility mode.

       Note  that  maintenance	mode should only be used to diagnose data link
       problems.  It is not intended to be used for normal data link traffic.

       If specifying maintenance mode, do not set bit 2 of the word.

       dmvprobe: can't start device
       The could not be started at boot time.

       dmvprobe: device failed diagnostics, octal failure code = %o
       The failed diagnostics at boot time.

       dmvinit: can't place dmv%d into internal loopback
       Unable to place the into internal loopback requested by user.

       dmv%d: done unalloc rbuf
       The device returned a receive or transmit buffer that was not allocated
       to it.

       dmv%d: unknown address type %d
       An input packet was received that contained a type of address uknown to
       the driver.

       dmv%d bad packet address 0x%x
       The device returned a buffer with an unexpected buffer address.

       dmv%d: unsolicited information response: ctl = %x, data = %x
       The device interrupted the driver with  an  information	response  when
       none was requested.

       dmvd%d: bad control %o
       A bad parameter was passed to the dmvload routine.

       dmv%d: modem disconnect
       The  modem  disconnected, or there was a loss of carrier while a packet
       was being received.

       dmv%d: buffer too small
       The remote node sent a packet that was too large to fit	in  the	 allo‐
       cated receive buffer.

       dmv%d: receive threshold reported
       The reported a receive threshold error.

       dmv%d: transmit threshold reached
       The reported a transmit threshold error.

       dmv%d: select threshold reached
       The reported a select threshold error.

       dmv%d: babbling tributary reported
       The reported a babbling tributary error.

       dmv%d: streaming tributary reported
       The reported a streaming tributary error.

       dmv%d: MOP mode entered while DDCMP was running
       dmv%d: MOP mode entered while device was halted
       The has entered MOP mode.

       dmv%d: non existent memory reported
       The accessed non-existent memory.

       dmv%d: device queue overflow reported
       The reported a queue overflow.

       dmv%d: invalid counter pointer
       The  is reporting the contents of a counter when no request was made to
       do so.

       dmv%d: can't handle af%d
       The was handed a transmit message that has addresses  formatted	in  an
       unsuitable address family.

       dmv%d: internal loopback enable requested
       The device is being put in internal loopback at a user's request.

       dmv%d: internal loopback disable requested
       The device is being taken out of internal loopback at a user's request.

       dmvwatch: dmv%d hung, bse10=%b, bsell = %b, bse12=%b
       The device has not responded after a long period of time.


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