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dn(4)				  Unsupported				 dn(4)

       dn - DN-11 autocall unit interface

       device dn0 at uba? csr 0160020 vector dnintr

       The  device  provides  an  interface through a DEC DN-11 (or equivalent
       such as the Able Quadracall) to an auto-call unit (ACU).	 To  place  an
       outgoing	 call one forks a sub-process which opens the appropriate call
       unit file, and writes the phone number on it.  The parent process  then
       opens  the corresponding modem line When the connection has been estab‐
       lished, the open on the modem line, will return and the process will be
       connected.   A  timer  is  normally  used to timeout the opening of the
       modem line.

       The codes for the phone numbers are:

       0-9    dial 0-9
       *      dial * (`:' is a synonym)
       #      dial # (`;' is a synonym)
       -      delay 20 milliseconds
       <      end-of-number (`e' is a synonym)
       =      delay for a second dial tone (`w' is a synonym)
       f      force a hangup of any existing connection

       The entire telephone number must be presented in a single system call.

       By convention, even numbered call units are for 300 baud	 modem	lines,
       while  odd  numbered  units  are	 for 1200 baud lines.  For example, is
       associated with a 300 baud modem line, while is associated with a  1200
       baud modem line, For devices such as the Quadracall which simulate mul‐
       tiple DN-11 units, the minor device indicates which outgoing  modem  to

       Two error numbers are of interest at open time.

       [EBUSY]	 The dialer is in use.

       [ENXIO]	 The device doesn't exist, or there's no power to it.

       /dev/cua? call units
       /dev/cul? associated modem lines

See Also

				      VAX				 dn(4)

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