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DOXYGEN(1)			 User Commands			    DOXYGEN(1)

       doxygen - documentation system for various programming languages

       Doxygen	is  a  documentation system for C++, C, Java, Objective-C, IDL
       (Corba and Microsoft flavors) and to some extent PHP, C#, and D.

       You can use doxygen in a number of ways:

       1) Use doxygen to generate a template configuration file:

	      doxygen [-s] -g [configName]

	      If - is used for configName doxygen will write to standard  out‐

       2) Use doxygen to update an old configuration file:

	      doxygen [-s] -u [configName]

       3)  Use	doxygen to generate documentation using an existing configura‐
       tion file:

	      doxygen [configName]

	      If - is used for configName  doxygen  will  read	from  standard

       4) Use doxygen to generate a template style sheet file for RTF, HTML or

       RTF:   doxygen -w rtf styleSheetFile

       HTML:  doxygen -w html headerFile  footerFile  styleSheetFile  [config‐

       LaTeX: doxygen -w latex headerFile styleSheetFile [configFile]

       5) Use doxygen to generate an rtf extensions file

       RTF:   doxygen -e rtf extensionsFile

       If -s is specified the comments in the config file will be omitted.  If
       configName is omitted `Doxyfile' will be used as a default.

       Doxygen version 1.5.6, Copyright Dimitri van Heesch 1997-2007

       doxytag(1), doxywizard(1).

doxygen 1.5.6			  August 2008			    DOXYGEN(1)

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