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DSA(8)									DSA(8)

delim $$

       dsagen, asn12dsa, dsa2pub, dsa2ssh - generate and format dsa keys

       auth/dsagen [ -t tag ]

       auth/asn12dsa [ -t tag ] [ file ]

       auth/dsa2pub [ file ]

       auth/dsa2ssh [ -c comment ] [ file ]

       Plan  9	represents  a  DSA  (Digital  Signature	 Algorithm)  key as an
       attribute-value pair list prefixed with the string  key;	 this  is  the
       generic key format used by factotum(4).	A full DSA private key has the
       following attributes:

       proto  must be dsa

	      decryption key

       p      modulus, a large prime

       q      group order, another large prime that divides p - 1.

       alpha  group generator

       key    $"alpha" sup secret ~ mod ~ p$

       All the numbers are  in	hexadecimal.   A  DSA  public  key  omits  the
       attributes  beginning with A key may have other attributes as well (for
       example, a service attribute identifying	 how  this  key	 is  typically
       used), but to these utilities such attributes are merely comments.

       For example, a private key and corresponding public key might look like
       this (with [⋯] indicating elisions and \ marking line breaks for	 read‐

	      key proto=dsa p=D5[⋯]DB q=C2[⋯]E7 alpha=44[⋯]9B key=C1[⋯]3F \
	      key proto=dsa p=D5[⋯]DB q=C2[⋯]E7 alpha=44[⋯]9B key=C1[⋯]3F

       Note that the order of the attributes does not matter.

       Dsagen  prints a randomly generated DSA private key whose n has exactly
       nbits (default 1024) significant bits.  If  tag	is  specified,	it  is
       printed	between	 key  and  proto=dsa;  typically, tag is a sequence of
       attribute-value comments describing the key.

       Asn12dsa reads an DSA private key stored as ASN.1 encoded in the binary
       Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER) and prints a Plan 9 DSA key, insert‐
       ing tag exactly as dsagen does.	ASN.1/DER is a popular key  format  on
       Unix  and  Windows;  it is often encoded in text form using the Privacy
       Enhanced Mail (PEM) format in a section labeled	as  an	``DSA  PRIVATE
       KEY.''  The command:

	      auth/pemdecode 'DSA PRIVATE KEY' | auth/asn12dsa

       extracts	 the  key section from a textual ASN.1/DER/PEM key into binary
       ASN.1/DER format and then converts it to a Plan 9 DSA key.

       Dsa2pub reads a Plan 9 DSA public or private key, removes  the  private
       attributes,  and	 prints	 the resulting public key.  Comment attributes
       are preserved.

       Dsa2ssh reads a Plan 9 DSA public or private key and prints the	public
       portion	in  the format used by SSH: and a long base-64 encoded number.
       delim @@ For compatibility with external SSH implementations, the  pub‐
       lic  keys  in  /sys/lib/ssh/keyring and $home/lib/keyring are stored in
       this format.

       Generate a fresh key and configure a remote Unix system to allow use of
       that key for logins:

	      auth/dsagen -t 'service=ssh' >key
	      auth/dsa2ssh key | ssh unix 'cat >>.ssh/authorized_keys'
	      cat key >/mnt/factotum/ctl
	      ssh unix


       ssh(1), factotum(4), pem(8), rsa(8)

       There are too many key formats.

                             _         _         _ 
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                         \ \| |/ / \ \| |/ / \ \| |/ /  
                          \ \ / /   \ \ / /   \ \ / /   
                           \   /     \   /     \   /    
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