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dtexec(1)		 USER COMMANDS			dtexec(1)

     dtexec - execute command-based action

     dtexec [-open open_option ] [ -ttprocid procid ] [ -tmp
     tmpfile ] cmd [ cmd_arg ... ]

     TED uses the dtexec utility to execute COMMAND actions.  In
     normal usage, TED automatically invokes dtexec when it is
     needed.  TED users and administrators do not need to
     interact directly with dtexec.

     The primary argument for dtexec is the name of a command to
     execute and any command-line options or arguments for that
     command.  There are several important services that dtexec
     provides for the commands that it executes.  These services
     are controlled via the options specified in the ``OPTIONS''
     section in this document.

     The following options are available:

	-open open_option
		       The -open option tells dtexec whether it
		       should continue to run or exit after the
		       command terminates.

		       The valid values for open_option are:

			  -1	(default) continue to execute
				after cmd terminates.

			  0	exit as soon as cmd terminates.

			  n	continue to execute if cmd ter-
				minates within n seconds of

		       The values -1 and n are typically used
		       when COMMAND actions are executed in a
		       terminal emulator to control the lifetime
		       of the terminal window.

	-ttprocid procid
		       The dtexec command uses the -ttprocid
		       option to send ToolTalk messages back to
		       the application that invoked the COMMAND
		       action.	These messages are used to convey
		       status information (for example, the com-
		       mand has terminated).

Unix System LaboratoLast change: 1 August 1995			1

dtexec(1)		 USER COMMANDS			dtexec(1)

	-tmp tmpfile   The -tmp option names a temporary file
		       that dtexec removes after cmd terminates
		       if either no -ttprocid option is supplied
		       or contact is lost with the specified pro-
		       cid.  In normal usage, the parent process
		       that starts dtexec, performs this cleanup.
		       This option can be issued multiple times,
		       once for each tmp file present.	Typi-
		       cally, tmpfile also appears as a cmd_arg.

     The following exit values are returned:

	0     Implies all system resources were available to fork
	      and exec the requested command, not that the
	      requested command executed successfully.

	1     An error occurred.

     Normally, application programs do not directly invoke this
     program.  Normally, an application program links with the
     action service, which then invokes dtexec as needed.  Appli-
     cations should use the waitTime resource to configure the
     value of the -open_option and the DtexecPath resource to
     configure the location of dtexec.

     If cmd writes to stderr, the error messages are time stamped
     and redirected to the user's errorlog file
     ($HOME/.dt/errorlog) when open_option is 0.  If open_option
     is set otherwise, the error messages are typically displayed
     in the terminal window.

     dtaction(1), dtactionfile(4).

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