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dthelp_htag2(1)		 USER COMMANDS		  dthelp_htag2(1)

     dthelp_htag2 - second pass for parse of HelpTag source

	dthelp_htag2  -[cdhot] file [outfile]

     The dthelp_htag2 executable is invoked by dthelptag(1) as
     the second pass of translating HelpTag markup into SDL.

     The dthelp_htag2 executable accepts the output of the first
     pass of dthelptag (either dthelp_htag1(1) or
     dthelp_ctag1(1)) and computes the byte offsets of virtual
     pages to be used in the runtime display of the SDL volume.

     If only one file is specified on the command line, the out-
     put file will overwrite the input file.  If two files are
     specified, the output will be placed in the second.

     If the input file has no .sdl extension, one will be added.
     If a second file name is specified for output, it will be
     used without modification.

     The options to dthelp_ctag2 are:

	-c:	       compress the SDL document on a per virtual
		       page basis - if the document is already
		       compressed, this command will result in no
		       change to the document.

	-d:	       decompress an SDL document - if the docu-
		       ment is already compressed, this command
		       will result in no change to the document;
		       however, the byte offsets of virtual pages
		       will be recomputed.

	-h:	       print a help message and exit.

	-o:	       perform peephole optimization of the SDL
		       document.  In particular, <FORM> elements
		       containing only a single <BLOCK> or <FORM>
		       without a user supplied identifier are
		       replaced by that single <BLOCK> or <FORM>
		       with the identifier of the original
		       (outer) <FORM>.

	-t:	       eliminate any <TOSS> sub-elements that are
		       not used in this SDL document.

     dthelptag(1), dthelp_htag1(1), dthelp_ctag1(1), dtsdldtd(4).

Unix System LaboratoLast change: 1 August 1995			1

dthelp_htag2(1)		 USER COMMANDS		  dthelp_htag2(1)

Unix System LaboratoLast change: 1 August 1995			2

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