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dthelpview(1)		 USER COMMANDS		    dthelpview(1)

     dthelpview - view a TED help volume

     dthelpview [ options ]

     The dthelpview utility supports the viewing of TED online
     Help volumes, ASCII files or manual pages.	 The dthelpview
     utility is an integral part of the TED application Help
     environment.  The dthelpview utility's functionality and
     user interface is almost completely that of the standard TED
     general Help and quick Help dialog widgets.  (See
     DtCreateHelpDialog(3) and DtCreateHelpQuickDialog(3).)

     The following options are available:

	-helpVolume volume
	      Specifies the name of the <filename>.sdl file you
	      want to view.  If locationId is not set, the
	      default _HOMETOPIC ID is used.  If the requested
	      volume is in the current working directory, or the
	      Help volume has been properly registered, no path
	      is required.

	-locationId location_id
	      Specifies the location ID representing the desired
	      Help topic to be viewed.	By default, Helpview uses
	      _HOMETOPIC if an ID is not specified.

	-file file
	      Specifies a particular ASCII text file to be

	-manPage man_page
	      Specifies a particular man page to be displayed.

	-man  Displays a dialog that prompts for a man page to
	      view, then displays the requested man page.

     The TED Help system uses two environment variables for
     locating Help volumes and Family files within the desktop

		       System search path environment variable
		       for locating Help volumes on local and
		       remote nfs mounted systems.


Unix System LaboratoLast change: 1 August 1995			1

dthelpview(1)		 USER COMMANDS		    dthelpview(1)

		       Users search path environment variable for
		       locating user specific Help volumes on
		       local and remote nfs mounted systems.

     The environment variables contain colon-separated lists of
     directory paths.  Each directory path can contain both
     environment variable names as well as special field descrip-
     tors that are expanded at runtime via each Help component
     that uses these environment variables.

     Field descriptors consist of a % followed by a single char-
     acter.  Field descriptors and their substitution values are:

	%H	       This value is replaced with the current
		       volume name being searched for.

	%L	       Replaced with the current value of the
		       LANG environment variable.

	%%	       Replaced with a single %.

     The default value for DTHELPUSERSEARCHPATH is:


     The DTHELPUSERSEARCH is first searched for the requested
     volume.  If the volume is not found, the DTHELPSEARCHPATH
     value is searched.

     The default value for DTHELPSEARCHPATH path is:


     For information on Help dialog widget resources, refer to
     DtCreateHelpDialog(3) or DtCreateQuickHelpDialog(3).

Unix System LaboratoLast change: 1 August 1995			2

dthelpview(1)		 USER COMMANDS		    dthelpview(1)

     The dthelpview utility's specific resources set in the
     Dthelpview app-defaults file are:

	Dthelpview*manBox*rows: 32

	Dthelpview*manBox*columns: 80

	Dthelpview*fileBox*rows: 32

	Dthelpview*fileBox*columns: 80

	Dthelpview*man_text.columns: 20

     Following files are used in conjunction with the dthelpview

	Dthelpview     App-defaults file used by dthelpview.

	dthelpview -helpVolume dtintro.sdl -locationId _hometopic
		       Displays the topic associated with _home-
		       topic in the Help volume dtintor.sdl.

	dthelpview -file /etc/checklist
		       Displays the file /etc/checklist in a gen-
		       eral Help dialog

	dthelpview -man grep
		       Displays the grep man page in a quick Help

     dtsearchpath(1), TED Help System Author's and Programmer's

Unix System LaboratoLast change: 1 August 1995			3

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