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dxmkfontdir(1X)						       dxmkfontdir(1X)

       dxmkfontdir - Create a list of fonts for the X server.

       dxmkfontdir [directory-names]

       The dxmkfontdir command creates files that list font names and the font
       files to which the names correspond, for use when the X	server	starts
       up.   In	 each  directory  specified as a command argument, dxmkfontdir
       creates the directory's list of fonts and places it in  a  file	called
       fonts.dir.  If you omit arguments, dxmkfontdir creates a fonts.dir file
       for the current directory.

       The fonts.dir file lists each font file and gives the name of the  font
       in  that file.  To obtain font names, dxmkfontdir searches the files in
       the directory for a property  named  FONT.  If  the  FONT  property  is
       absent,	dxmkfontdir uses the names of PCF (.pcf), BDF (.bdf), and com‐
       pressed BDF (.bdf.Z) files, omitting their suffixes.  If a font	exists
       in multiple formats, the PCF format is used.

       When the X server starts up, it looks for a fonts.dir file in each font
       directory in the font path.  It also looks for a	 fonts.alias  file  in
       each directory.

Font Aliases
       You  can	 create	 or  edit  the fonts.alias file to assign new names to
       existing fonts.	X clients can then use	the  alias  names  to  request
       fonts  from  the server.	 A font alias file can be in one or any number
       of directories in the font path.	 It consists of two columns, separated
       by white space.	The first column lists aliases; the second column con‐
       tains font name patterns.  Aliases can reference fonts  in  directories
       other than the one in which the alias file exists.

       To  embed  white	 space in the alias name or the font name, enclose the
       name in	quotation marks ("").  To embed quotation marks (or any	 other
       characters),  precede them with a backslash (.	The following are sam‐
       ple entries from a fonts.alias file:

       courier10			   fixed
       /udir/sally/fonts/courier/10.pcf	   "-adobe-helvetica-bold-o-normal--

       If the fonts.alias file contains the string FILE_NAMES_ALIASES alone on
       a  line,	 each  file name in the directory (without its .pcf suffix) is
       automatically translated as a font name	alias.	For  example,  a  file
       named courier10.pcf would have the font name alias courier10.

See Also
       X(1X), dxfc(1X)


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