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edauth(8)							     edauth(8)

       edauth - edit user auth entry

       edauth username

       The  command is an authorization editor.	 creates a temporary file with
       an ASCII representation of the current  database	 entry	for  the  user
       specified  by username and then invokes an editor on the file.  You can
       then modify the user's fields.  Upon leaving the editor, reads the tem‐
       porary  file  and  modifies  the binary database to reflect the changes
       made.  If there are errors in the temporary file will allow the user to
       resume editing the file to fix them.

       The  editor invoked is unless the environment variable EDITOR specifies
       otherwise.  Here is an example of the temporary file produced by
       uid = 268
       password = MXP3BnKLEWW960BEJc9DbHb6
       passlifemin = 1 hour
       passlifemax = 60 days
       passmod = 12/20/89 - 10:24:38
       authmask = login,change_password,enter_password
       fail_count = 0
       audit_id = 268
       audit_control = or
       audit_syscalls = creat,unlink
       audit_tevents = login:0:1
       Each field of the entry is represented as  a  keyword  followed	by  an
       equals  sign.  The value part of the field may be an integer, a string,
       a time specification, a date, or a comma-separated list of  value  key‐
       words.  The effect of the field is described in

       The and fields expect integer values.

       The  field  is  a string containing the encrypted password.  One way of
       disabling an account is to set this to a non-empty string less than  24
       characters in length such as `nologin'.

       The  and	 fields	 specify the password expiration information. They may
       contain an integer specifying seconds, or a combination of scaled  val‐
       ues.  The units recognized for scaling are and Only the first letter of
       the unit need be supplied.  A of one day, one  hour  and	 five  minutes
       could be specified as any of:
       passlifemax = 1 day 1 hour 5 minutes
       passlifemax = 25 h 5 m
       passlifemax = 90300 seconds
       passlifemax = 90300
       in addition to other combinations.

       The field is a date.  It is specified in the same format as the default
       output of the  ULTRIX  command.	 The  time  portion  is	 optional  and
       defaults to the beginning of the day.

       The  and fields expect a comma-separated list of value tokens. For this
       is zero or more of and For the audit information	 this  corresponds  to
       the  name  of the audit event.  See the manpage for more information on
       audit events.

       The field may be one of or See the manpage for more information on  the
       affect of these values.

       Only the superuser can edit entries.

       Changing	 the  entry  will  not affect the uid and audit information of
       existing login sessions.

       If the uid field of the entry is changed the mapping to the  file  will
       be affected.  Changes to the passwd file will probably be necessary.

       Various messages about incorrect input. All are self-explanatory.

       Contains all authorization information

       Maps usernames to UIDs

See Also
       audcntl(2), auth(5), auditmask(8), getauth(8), vipw(8)
       Security Guide for Administrators


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