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elf_flag(3E)							  elf_flag(3E)

       elf_flagdata,  elf_flagehdr,  elf_flagelf,  elf_flagphdr,  elf_flagscn,
       elf_flagshdr - manipulate flags

       [flag... ] file...  [library] ...

       These functions manipulate the flags associated with various structures
       of an ELF file. Given an ELF descriptor elf, a data descriptor data, or
       a section descriptor scn, the functions may set or clear the associated
       status  bits, returning the updated bits. A null descriptor is allowed,
       to simplify error handling; all functions return zero for this degenerā€
       ate case.

       cmd may have the following values:

       The functions clear the bits that are asserted in
			 flags.	  Only the non-zero bits in flags are cleared;
			 zero bits do not change the status of the descriptor.

       The functions set the bits that are asserted
			 in flags.  Only the non-zero bits in flags  are  set;
			 zero bits do not change the status of the descriptor.

       Descriptions of the defined flags bits appear below.

       When the program intends to write an ELF
			 file,	this  flag  asserts the associated information
			 needs to be written to the file.  Thus, for  example,
			 a  program that wished to update the ELF header of an
			 existing file would call with this bit set  in	 flags
			 and  cmd  equal  to  A	 later call to would write the
			 marked header to the file.

       Normally, the library decides how to arrange
			 an output file.  That is,  it	automatically  decides
			 where	to  place  sections,  how to align them in the
			 file, etc.  If this bit is set for an ELF descriptor,
			 the  program  assumes	responsibility for determining
			 all file positions.  This bit is meaningful only  for
			 and  applies  to  the entire file associated with the

       When a flag bit is set for an item, it  affects	all  the  subitems  as
       well.   Thus,  for example, if the program sets the bit with the entire
       logical file is ``dirty.''

       The following fragment shows how one might mark the ELF	header	to  be
       written to the output file.

       elf(3E), elf_end(3E), elf_getdata(3E), elf_getehdr(3E), elf_update(3E).


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