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elf_getident(3E)					      elf_getident(3E)

       elf_getident - retrieve file identification data

       [flag... ] file...  [library] ...

       As  elf(3E)  explains,  ELF provides a framework for various classes of
       files, where basic objects may have 32 bits, 64 bits, and so forth.  To
       accommodate  these  differences,	 without  forcing  the larger sizes on
       smaller machines, the initial bytes in an ELF file hold	identification
       information  common  to all file classes.  Every ELF header's has bytes
       with the following interpretation.

	       e_ident Index   Value		Purpose
	       EI_MAG0	       ELFMAG0		File identification
	       EI_MAG1	       ELFMAG1
	       EI_MAG2	       ELFMAG2
	       EI_MAG3	       ELFMAG3
	       EI_CLASS	       ELFCLASSNONE	File class
	       EI_DATA	       ELFDATANONE	Data encoding
	       EI_VERSION      EV_CURRENT	File version
	       EI_OSABI	       ELFOSABI_NONE	OS/ABI identification
	       EI_ABIVERSION   0		ABI version
	       EI_PAD				Start of padding bytes

	       10-15	       0		Unused, set to zero

       Other kinds of files (see elf_kind(3E)) also  may  have	identification
       data, though they would not conform to

       returns a pointer to the file's ``initial bytes.''  If the library rec‐
       ognizes the file, a conversion from the file image to the memory	 image
       may occur.  In any case, the identification bytes are guaranteed not to
       have been modified, though the size of the unmodified area  depends  on
       the  file  type.	  If ptr is non-null, the library stores the number of
       identification bytes in the location to which ptr points.  If  no  data
       is present, elf is null, or an error occurs, the return value is a null
       pointer, with zero optionally stored through ptr.

       elf(3E), elf_begin(3E), elf_getehdr(3E), elf_kind(3E), elf_rawfile(3E).


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