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getauthent(3x)							getauthent(3x)

       getauthent,  getauthuid,	 storeauthent, setauthent, setauthfile, endau‐
       thent - get/set auth entry

       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include <auth.h>

       AUTHORIZATION *getauthuid(uid)
       uid_t uid;

       AUTHORIZATION *getauthent()

       int storeauthent(auth)
       AUTHORIZATION *auth;

       void setauthent()

       void setauthfile(pathname)
       char *pathname;

       int endauthent()

       The function looks up the auth entry for	 the  specified	 user  ID  and
       returns a pointer to a static area containing it.

       The function retrieves the next sequential entry from the auth database
       and returns a pointer to a static area containing it.

       The function stores the specified auth entry into the local auth	 data‐
       base, overwriting any existing entry with the same a_uid field.

       The  function  sets  a  pointer	to the beginning of the auth database.
       This function is used with to make multiple  passes  through  the  auth

       The  function  sets  the	 pathname of the file to be used for the local
       auth database in all subsequent operations.

       The function closes the auth database.  Subsequent calls to getauthuid,
       getauthent, or storeauthent reopen it.

       The  auth  database  can be distributed via the BIND/Hesiod naming ser‐

       Only the superuser and members of the group authread may read  informa‐
       tion from the auth database.

       Only the superuser may modify the auth database.

       The auth database cannot be distributed via the Yellow Pages service.

       When the auth database is served by BIND/Hesiod, a program must perform
       its own Kerberos initialization prior to using any of these functions.

       The values returned by and point to a static area which is  overwritten
       when subsequent calls are made.

Return Values
       Functions  which	 return a pointer value return the null pointer (0) on
       EOF or error.  Other functions return zero (0) on success and  a	 nega‐
       tive value on failure.

See Also
       getpwent(3), auth(5), edauth(8)
       Security Guide for Users
       Security Guide for Administrators
       Guide to the BIND/Hesiod Service


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