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env(1)									env(1)

       env - set environment for command execution

       [name value] ...	 [command [arguments ...]]

       obtains	the  current  environment,  modifies it according to its argu‐
       ments, then executes the command with the modified environment.	 Argu‐
       ments  of the form are merged into the inherited environment before the
       command is executed.  The option causes the inherited environment to be
       ignored	completely  so	that  the command is executed with exactly the
       environment specified by the arguments.	The option is obsolete and has
       the same effect as the option.

       If  no  command is specified, the resulting environment is printed, one
       name-value pair per line.

       If command is invoked, the exit status of is the exit  status  of  com‐
       mand; otherwise, exits with one of the following values:

	      0		completed successfully.
	      1-125	encountered an error.
	      126	command was found but could not be invoked.
	      127	command could not be found.

   Environment Variables
       determines the language in which messages are displayed.

       If  is  not specified in the environment or is set to the empty string,
       the value of is used as a default for each unspecified or  empty	 vari‐
       able.   If is not specified or is set to the empty string, a default of
       "C" (see lang(5)) is used instead of

       If any  internationalization  variable  contains	 an  invalid  setting,
       behaves	as  if all internationalization variables are set to "C".  See

   International Code Set Support
       Single- and multi-byte character code sets are supported.

       The option is obsolete.	Use instead.

       sh(1), exec(2), profile(4), environ(5).


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