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environ(7)							    environ(7)

       environ - user environment

       extern char **environ;

       An  array of strings, called the environment, is made available by when
       a  process  begins.   By	 convention,  these  strings  have  the	  form
       ``name=value''.	The following names are used by various commands:

       PATH    The  sequence of directory prefixes that and apply in searching
	       for a file known by an incomplete path name.  The prefixes  are
	       separated by a colon (:).  The command sets

       HOME    A user's login directory, set by from the password file

       TERM    The  kind of terminal for which output is to be prepared.  This
	       information is used by commands, such as or which  may  exploit
	       special	terminal  capabilities.	 See in for a list of terminal

       SHELL   The file name of the user's login shell.

       TERMCAP The string describing the terminal in TERM or the name  of  the
	       termcap file.  For further information, see and

       EXINIT  A startup list of commands read by and

       USER    The login name of the user.

       PRINTER The name of the default printer to be used by and

       Further	names  may  be	placed	in  the environment by the command and
       ``name=value'' arguments in or by the command if you use Arguments  can
       also  be	 placed	 in the environment at the point of an It is unwise to
       conflict with certain variables that are frequently exported by	files:

See Also
       csh(1),	ex(1),	login(1),  sh(1),  execve(2),  system(3), termcap(3x),
       passwd(5), termcap(5)


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