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fastbind(1)							   fastbind(1)

       fastbind - Prepare an incomplete executable for faster program start-up


       is  a  tool  that  can  improve	the start-up time of programs that use
       shared libraries (incomplete executables) by storing information	 about
       needed shared library symbols in the executable file.

       performs	 analysis on the symbols used to bind an executable and all of
       it's dependent shared libraries, and stores  this  information  in  the
       executable  file.   The	next  time  the executable is run, the dynamic
       loader will notice that this information is available, and it will  use
       this  fastbind  information to bind the executable instead of the stan‐
       dard search method for binding the symbols.  For Itanium-based systems,
       the  dynamic loader is for 32-bit mode or for 64-bit mode.  For PA-RISC
       systems, the dynamic loader is for 32-bit mode or for 64-bit mode.

       Since writes the fastbind information in the executable file, you  must
       have  write permission on the executable file.  Also, if the executable
       file being analyzed is being run as another process, the file  will  be
       locked against modifications by the kernel, and will fail.

       If the shared libraries that an executable is dependent on are modified
       after the fastbind information is  created,  the	 dynamic  loader  will
       silently	 revert to standard search method for binding the symbols. The
       fastbind information can be re-created by  running  on  the  executable
       again.	will automatically erase the old fastbind information and gen‐
       erate the new one.

       The option can be used to instruct the linker to run the fastbind  tool
       on an incomplete executable it has produced.

   Environment Variables
       If  determines  that  the  fastbind information is out of date, it will
       silently revert to standard search method for binding the  symbols.  If
       the environment variable is set to the dynamic loader will emit a warn‐
       ing message when the fastbind information is out of date.

       The environment variable can be set  to	to  make  the  dynamic	loader
       ignore  the  fastbind  information  and	revert	to the standard search
       method for binding the symbols.

       recognizes the following options:

	      Remove the fastbind information from the	executable,  returning
	      it to the
			  same	state  it  was in before was originally run on

	      Normally, if
			  detects any unsatisfied symbols while	 building  the
			  fastbind information, it will generate an error mes‐
			  sage and not modify the executable  file.   When  is
			  invoked  with option however, unresolved symbols are

   Environment Variables
       The following internationalization variables affect the execution of

       Determines the locale category for native language, local customs and
	      coded character set in the  absence  of  and  other  environment
	      variables.  If is not specified or is set to the empty string, a
	      default of (see lang(5)) is used instead of

       Determines the values for all locale categories and has precedence over
	      and other environment variables.

       Determines the locale that should be used to affect the format
	      and contents of diagnostic messages written to standard error.

       Determines the locale category for numeric formatting.

       Determines the locale category for character handling functions.

       Determines the location of message catalogs for the processing

       If any  internationalization  variable  contains	 an  invalid  setting,
       behaves	as  if all internationalization variables are set to See envi‐

       In addition, the following environment variable affects

       Specifies a directory
	      for temporary files (see tmpnam(3S)).

       returns zero when the operation is successful.  A non-zero return  code
       indicates that an error occurred.

       To run on the executable file

       To  later  remove  the  fastbind	 information  from the executable file

       32-bit PA-RISC does not work with EXEC_MAGIC executables.

       effectively enforces bind restricted and bind immediate.	 For  example,
       consider	 an  executable	 linked	 bind deferred, which calls a function
       foo() defined in an implicitly loaded library. Before the  actual  call
       is  made,  if  it explicitly loads a shared library (using shl_load(3X)
       with having a definition	 for  when  is	finally	 called,  it  will  be
       resolved from the explicitly loaded library. But after running the sym‐
       bol will be resolved from the implicitly loaded library.

       was developed by Hewlett-Packard.

       output file
       32-bit PA-RISC dynamic loader
       32-bit Itanium-based dynamic loader
       64-bit PA-RISC dynamic loader
       64-bit Itanium-based dynamic loader
       message catalog
       temporary files

   System Tools
       ld(1)		   invoke the link editor

       a.out(4)		   assembler, compiler, and linker output	   PA-RISC dynamic loader	   Itanium-based dynamic loader

   Texts and Tutorials

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