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fdetach(3C)							   fdetach(3C)

       fdetach() - detach a name from a STREAMS file descriptor

       The  function detaches a file descriptor from a name in the file system
       designated by path.  path specifies the path name of an existing object
       in  the	file  system name space that was previously attached (see fat‐
       tach(3C)).  As a result of the operation, the node's status and permis‐
       sions return to the state prior to the file attaching to the node.  Any
       later operations on path will affect only the file system node and  not
       the attached file.

   Security Restrictions
       The  function is restricted to superusers, or users with the privilege,
       or those who own path and have write permission.	 In addition to having
       the  privilege,	or privileges may also be required.  See privileges(5)
       for more information about privileged access on	systems	 that  support
       fine-grained privileges.

       Upon  successful	 completion, the function returns a value of 0 (zero).
       Otherwise, it returns a value of -1 is returned, and is set to indicate
       the error.

       If  any	of  the	 following conditions occurs, the function sets to the
       value that corresponds to the condition.

       The		     path parameter points outside the process'	 allo‐
			     cated address space.

       The user does not have the correct permission to access the file.
			     See the section.

       The object pointed to by the
			     path  parameter  is  not  fattached  to a STREAMS
			     device or pipe.

       When		     path was translated, too many symbolic links were

       The		     path  parameter  points  to a path name that does
			     not exist.

       The directory portion of the
			     path parameter does not exist.

       The size of a path name component is longer than
			     when is in effect, or the	path  name  length  is
			     longer than

       The current effective user ID is not the owner of the existing object
			     specified	by  the path parameter, or the current
			     effective user ID does not specify	 a  user  with
			     the correct permissions.

       fdetach(1M),   umount(2),  fattach(3C),	isastream(3C),	privileges(5),


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