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fg(4)									 fg(4)

       fg - VCB03 - Midrange VAX color video subsystem

       device fg0 at ibus? flags 0x0f vector fgvint

       The  VCB03 is a high-performance, full-page, double-buffered video sub‐
       system capable of Z-buffering.  The device consists of a 2048 bits wide
       x  2048	bits  long  x 8 or 24 plane frame buffer, a set of proprietary
       video chips for bitmap modification and video output, onboard  VAX  CPU
       and floating point accelerator, a 3D Transformation Engine, 1280 wide x
       1024 long 19-inch color video monitor, keyboard, and a mouse or tablet.

       The subsystem device driver supports a hybrid terminal with three minor
       devices.	  The  first  device  emulates	a glass tty with a screen that
       appears as a 80-column by 60-row page that  scrolls  from  the  bottom.
       This device is capable of being configured as the system console.

       The  second  minor  device  number  is  reserved for the pointer.  This
       device is a source of  pointer  state  changes.	 (A  state  change  is
       defined	as  an	X/Y  axis  pointer  movement  or button change.)  When
       opened, the driver couples movements of the pointer  with  the  cursor.
       Pointer	position changes are filtered and translated into cursor posi‐
       tion changes in an exponential manner.  Rapid movements result in large
       cursor  position	 changes.   All	 cursor positions are range checked to
       ensure that the cursor remains on the display.

       The third minor device is opened in the raw mode by  default.   Opening
       the  third  device  makes the driver function like a pseudo-tty in that
       the output destined for the first minor	device	is  channeled  to  the
       third instead.

       The  Hold  Screen  key  is  supported. The driver treats this key as if
       CTRL/S or CTRL/Q is typed.  Pressing the Hold Screen key	 suspends  the
       output  if  it  is not already suspended. The output will be resumed by
       pressing this key again (if the output was suspended).


See Also
       fc(4), ttys(5), MAKEDEV(8)

				      VAX				 fg(4)

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