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fgetpos(3S)							   fgetpos(3S)

       fgetpos(), fsetpos() - save and restore a file position indicator for a

       Store the current value of the file position indicator
		      for the stream  pointed  to  by  stream  in  the	object
		      pointed  to  by pos.  The value stored contains informa‐
		      tion usable by for repositioning the stream to its posi‐
		      tion at the time of the call to

       Set the file position indicator for the stream pointed to by
		      stream  according	 to the value of the object pointed to
		      by pos, which must be a value set by an earlier call  to
		      on the same stream.

		      A	 successful  call  to clears the end-of-file indicator
		      for the stream and undoes any effects of	ungetc(3S)  on
		      the  same stream.	 After a call, the next operation on a
		      update stream can be either input or output.

       If successful, these functions return zero; otherwise non-zero.

       If fails, is set to one of the following values.

       [EINVAL]	      The current value of the file position cannot be	repre‐
		      sented  correctly	 in an object of size in this environ‐

       Additional  values  may	be  set	 by  the  underlying   function	  (see

       Failure	can  occur  if these functions are used on a file that has not
       been opened via In particular, they must not be used on a  terminal  or
       on a file opened via popen(3S).

       has no effect on streams that are open for append (see fopen(3S)).

       fgetpos64(3S),	 fseek(3S),    fopen(3S),    popen(3S),	   ungetc(3S),
       thread_safety(5), glossary(9).


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