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fingerd(1M)							   fingerd(1M)

       fingerd - remote user information server

       is the server for the RFC 742 Name/Finger protocol.  It provides a net‐
       work interface to which gives a status report of users currently logged
       in  on  the system or a detailed report about a specific user (see fin‐
       ger(1)).	 The Internet daemon  executes	when  it  receives  a  service
       request	at  the	 port  listed in the services data base for ``finger''
       using ``tcp'' protocol; see inetd(1M) and services(4).

       To start from the configuration file must contain an entry as follows:

       Once a remote host is connected, reads a single ``command line'' termi‐
       nated by a carriage-return and line-feed.  It uses this command line as
       the arguments to an invocation of sends the output  of  to  the	remote
       host and closes the connection.

       If  the command line is null (contains only a carriage-return and line-
       feed pair), returns a report that lists all users logged in on the sys‐
       tem at that moment.

       If  a  user  name  is  specified	 on  the  command  line	 (for example,
       user<CR><LF>), the response lists more extended	information  for  only
       that  particular user, whether logged in or not.	 See finger(1) for the
       details of this extended information.

       If is run with the option, it allows remote user names on  the  command
       line  (for example, user@host<CR><LF>).	Otherwise, if the command line
       contains a remote user name, prints the error message  and  closes  the

       was developed by the University of California, Berkeley and HP.

       finger(1), inetd(1M), services(4),
       RFC 742 for the Name/Finger protocol.


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