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scanf(3int)							   scanf(3int)

       scanf, fscanf, sscanf - convert formatted input

       #include <stdio.h>

       int scanf( format [, pointer ] ...  )
       char *format;

       int fscanf( stream, format [, pointer ] ...  )
       FILE *stream;
       char *format;

       int sscanf( s, format [, pointer ] ...  )
       char *s, *format;

       The  international  functions and are similar to the standard I/O func‐
       tions. The difference is that the international functions allow you  to
       use  the	 %digit$ conversion character in place of the I% character you
       use in the standard I/O functions. The digit is a decimal digit n  from
       1  to  9.   The	international  functions apply conversions to the n th
       argument in the argument list, rather than to the next unused argument.

       You can use % conversion	 character  in	the  international  functions.
       However,	 you  cannot  mix  the % conversion character with the %digit$
       conversion character in a single call.

       In all cases, uses the radix character and collating sequence  that  is
       defined by the last successful call to category or If the radix or col‐
       lating sequence is undefined, the function uses the  C  locale  defini‐

   International Environment
       LC_COLLATE     Contains	the user requirements for language, territory,
		      and codeset for the character collation format.  affects
		      the  behavior of regular expressions and the string col‐
		      lation functions in If is not  defined  in  the  current
		      environment, provides the necessary default.

       LC_NUMERIC     If  this environment is set and valid, uses the interna‐
		      tional language database	named  in  the	definition  to
		      determine radix character rules.

       LANG	      If  this	environment variable is set and valid uses the
		      international language database named in the  definition
		      to  determine  collation	and  character	classification
		      rules.  If or is defined,	 their	definitions  supersede
		      the definition of LANG.

       The (libc) has been updated.  The %n code now processes even if no fur‐
       ther input remains to be scanned.

       The following shows an example of using the function:
       scanf("%2$s %1$d", integer, string)
       If the input is `` january 9 '', the function assigns 9 to and  ``janu‐
       ary'' to

Return Values
       The  function  returns  the number of successfully matched and assigned
       input fields.  This number can  be  zero	 if  the  function  encounters
       invalid input characters, as specified by the conversion specification,
       before it can assign input characters.

       If the input ends before the first conflict or conversion, returns EOF.
       These  functions return EOF on end of input and a short count for miss‐
       ing or invalid data items.

       In POSIX mode, the E, F, and X formats are treated the same as  the  e,
       f,  and	x  formats,  respectively;  otherwise,	the upper-case formats
       expect double, double, and long arguments, respectively.

See Also
       intro(3int),   setlocale(3),   strtod(3),   strtol(3),	 printf(3int),
       getc(3s), printf(3s), scanf(3s)
       Guide to Developing International Software


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