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fsck(1M)							      fsck(1M)

       fsck - file system consistency check and interactive repair

       FSType] [special ...]

       FSType] FSspecific-options] [special ...]

       The  command  audits  and interactively repairs inconsistent conditions
       for HP-UX file systems on mass storage device files identified by  spe‐
       cial.   If  the	file system is consistent, the number of files on that
       file system and the number of used and free blocks  are	reported.   If
       the  file  system  is  inconsistent,  provides a mechanism to fix these
       inconsistencies, depending on which form of the command is used.

       special represents a special device (for example,

       recognizes the following options:

	      Specify the file system type on which to operate (see
			     fstyp(1M) and fs_wrapper(5)).  If this option  is
			     not  included  on the command line, then the file
			     system type is determined from the file by match‐
			     ing special with an entry in that file.  If there
			     is no entry in  then  the	file  system  type  is
			     determined from the file

	      Perform a sanity check only.
			     will  return 0 if the file system is suitable for
			     mounting.	If the file  system  needs  additional
			     checking,	the  return  code  is 32.  If the file
			     system is mounted, the return code is 33.	 Error
			     codes  larger than 33 indicate that the file sys‐
			     tem is badly damaged.

	      Specify options specific to each file system type.
			     FSspecific-options is a list of suboptions and/or
			     keyword/attribute	pairs intended for a file-sys‐
			     tem-specific version of  the  command.   See  the
			     file-system-specific   manual   entries   for   a
			     description of the specific_options supported, if

	      Safe performance mode.  To improve performance, a system wide
			     will  not	be issued.  This feature is underlying
			     file system dependent.

	      Echo the completed command line, but perform no other action.
			     The command line is  generated  by	 incorporating
			     the  user-specified options and other information
			     derived from This option allows the user to  ver‐
			     ify the command line.

       The following values are returned by the option to

	      Either no errors were detected or all errors were corrected.

	      The file system needs additional checking.

	      The file system is mounted.

       Return  values  greater	that  indicate	that file system is badly cor‐
       rupted.	File system specific versions of will  have  their  own	 addi‐
       tional	return	 values	  (see	 fsck_cachefs(1M),   fsck_hfs(1M),  or

       This command may not be supported for all file system types.

       If this command returns the message "Can't send after socket shutdown",
       check  with your system administrator to make sure the is running prop‐

       Specifies the default file system type
       Default list of file systems to check

       fsck_cachefs(1M),  fsck_hfs(1M),	 fsck_vxfs(1M),	 mkfs(1M),  newfs(1M),
       fstab(4), fs_wrapper(5), disk(7).


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