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fsync(2)							      fsync(2)

       fsync - synchronize a file's in-core state with that on disk

       int fd;

       The  system  call  causes  all modified data and attributes of fd to be
       moved to a permanent storage device.  This results in all in-core modi‐
       fied copies of buffers for the associated file to be written to a disk.

       The  call  should  be  used  by programs that require a file to be in a
       known state, for example, in building a simple transaction facility.

Return Values
       A 0 value is returned on success.  A -1 value indicates an error.

       The call fails under the following conditions:

       [EBADF]	      The fd argument is not a valid descriptor.

       [EINVAL]	      The fd argument refers to a socket.

       [EIO]	      An I/O error occurred while reading from or  writing  to
		      the file system.

       [EINTR]	      The function was interrupted by a signal.

       If  an error occurs on an asynchronous write over NFS, the error cannot
       always be returned from a system call.  The error code is  returned  on
       or The following are NFS-only error messages:

       [EACCESS]      The requested address is protected, and the current user
		      has inadequate permission to access it.

       [ENOSPC]	      There is no free space remaining on the file system con‐
		      taining the file.

       [EDQUOT]	      The  user's quota of disk blocks on the file system con‐
		      taining the file has been exhausted.

       [EROFS]	      The file is on a read-only file system.

       [ESTALE]	      The fd argument is invalid because the file referred  to
		      by  that	file  handle  no  longer  exists  or  has been

       [ETIMEDOUT]    A write operation failed	because	 the  server  did  not
		      properly	respond	 after a period of time that is depen‐
		      dent on the options.

See Also
       sync(1), close(2), sync(2), write(2), update(8)


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